International Urban Resilience Forum Seoul 2019 is to share trends and best practices and to discuss the ways in strengthening resilience to disasters and sustainable city development. Being held in Seoul, this Forum will provide excellent opportunities for city leaders and executives, experts, relevant organizations, and civil society to engage in sharing of their experience and knowledge on recent disaster-related issues.

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, local governments around the world are actively pushing forward Smart City strategies to address urban challenges. Now more than ever, smart technology is becoming the essence in all areas. Furthermore, participation by citizens, academia, business, as well as city-to-city linkages play a central role in boosting the effectiveness of policies or initiatives.

In line with such trends, the Forum will provide a good opportunity for designing integrated solutions and sharing information on urban resilience through diverse sessions and discussions with a theme of “Enhance Urban Resilience through Smart Technology and Governance.”